A portrait is more than a likeness, it’s telling a story about that person, capturing the essence of that individual with line, colour and dazzling brushwork!

Striving for excellence is an important part of my journey as an artist and portrait painter. Working with traditional media like oil paint, charcoal and graphite, to create each painting. Drawing inspiration from the 19 Century academic artists, I believe in carrying on that fine tradition in my work and passing it on to my students. It is also important to stay relevant and contemporary!

My Medium

Working in traditional media, I only use the finest quality pigments, time tested, tried and true oil mediums, a variety of Sable brushes, finest quality charcoal {Nitram Charcoal} and graphite.

My Inspiration

Some of my favourite artists, that have inspired me through this journey: W. Bouguereau, J. L. Gerome, Alexandre Cabanel, John Singer Sargent, Ivan Kramskoy, Philip De Laszlo, Rembrandt Van Rijn, Anthony Van Dyck, and Titian, to name a few.