Magazines, Catalogs, Newspapers and TV

Albert wrote an article on “Keeping Portraits Fresh” published by International Artist Magazine.

His work is also published in American Art Collector, 2016 and 2013 issues. The 12th International ARC competition catalog Pg 78 & Pg 119. The 13th International ARC competition catalog in 2018 on Pg 320, and The Society of Illustrators N.Y. 48th annual competition catalog.

Newspaper articles The Toronto Sun, Toronto Star and the National Post.

International Artist Magazine

American Art Collector 2016

American Art Collector Oct 2012

American Art Collector Aug 2012

American Art Collector Aug 2011

Newspaper Articles

Television Interviews

CBC, City TV and CTV and local cable stations. Albert was proud to be interviewed by Sandy Rinaldo as part of a CTV Canadian success story.

CTV Sandie Rinaldo Interview with Albert Slark
Al Nichols lifetime Durham Interview
Kasia Bodurka interviews Albert Slark
Imprint Romance covers interview

Star Portraits on Bravo TV

Albert also appeared on Star Portraits Season 2, (A reality TV show) where he painted the portrait of celebrity Mike Holmes. The painting is now in Mr. Holmes’ private collection. You can watch the Genesis of this portrait on Start Portraits Season 2, follow the link below: